Martin Luther King Had a Dream - What"s Yours?

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Imagine having a dream that you were so passionate about.
You were willing to sacrifice everything.
Have you ever thought of this.
If you think for one instance Martin Luther King didn't know that when he hugged his wife and kissed her good bye, that could be the last kiss they shared.
When he kneeled down looked his kids in the eyes and told them he loved them and was proud of them, that those could be the last words they may hear from their father.
If you don't think those thoughts crossed his mind everyday he set out to make his dream a reality.
You are kidding yourself.
Martin Luther King believed in his Dream, his passion, his purpose so much he was willing to sacrifice it all for the betterment of others for the betterment of many.
If you focus on making a difference for others it will scare you how fast things will change for you.
"Help enough people to have what they want and you will have everything that you need.
" Zig Ziglar.
I challenge you whatever your dream is, your passion, your purpose take that and make it about others.
See how you can help to make a difference in someones' life everyday.
See how you can help someone to see the Champion inside.
Lead someone to a better life, lead them towards the brighter light.
Tomorrow is a great day for mankind that was started many years ago by a mans dream.
What is your dream.
Whatever your dream, dream big.
I challenge to be a Great leader, Difference maker, A Champion.
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