Distance Reiki Healing Using Brainwave Entrainment

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Distance reiki healing is a form of treatment that uses psychokinesis (PK), movement from the mind, or telekinesis (TK), distant movement under the direct influence of the mind, on an object from a distance.
Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven therapy that can deliberately change your brainwave frequency by using the frequency following principle in physics.
Entrainment introduces specific sound and/or visual stimulus to the brain, with the intention of altering its frequency and state of mind.
The brain, following the principle, entrains to this stimulus and in effect, changes its consciousness.
Brainwave entrainment used, with the specific purpose of sending distance reiki healing, will enhance this ability, ensuring faster and more effective healings.
Distance reiki healing is not limited by any kind of distance between the giver and receiver.
In fact, distance healing can be more effective than a hands-on healing reiki treatment, because the giver isn't directly affected by any pain bodies lurking in the receiver's aura energy field.
You don't need to know the receiver's name, location, condition, or what they look like to perform a distance reiki healing.
Reiki is an energy that you receive from the collective unconscious, that knows where it is needed the most and will go there, on the receiver.
You can even "beam" distance reiki energy to someone across the room.
Reiki energy can be sent to the future to help with a specific task and be a support, or can be sent to the past to introduce a positive element to a bad situation, or help release its trauma.
It's all about intention.
Intention is the cornerstone of reiki.
Your intention to send out healing energy, is all that you need.
If you are in the right brainwave frequency, your intention will hit its mark quickly and easily.
When sending reiki energy to do a distance healing, you are working on an energetic level and can treat the whole body easily from one hand position.
The higher self of the receiver will decide where the healing energy will be implemented.
The most important aspect for distance healing is in the establishment of a firm link between the giver and receiver.
This is where brainwave entrainment really shines.
If you listen to an entrainment recording for the specific purpose of sending reiki healing energy to someone far away from you, you can quickly connect with their higher self by elevating your own vibration.
Connection means that the healing will work.
Another very important element for distance healing is having the ability to sustain a quiet mind for a lengthy period of time.
This is generally very difficult to do naturally.
Entrainment will take you to the desired frequency for a quiet mind and keep you there, strengthening the power of the reiki energy.
Brainwave entrainment enhances your natural healing ability.
Sometimes, the healing, along with intention and entrainment, produces instant effects.
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