Mineral Eye Shadow - The Eyes Have It!

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Natural mineral eye shadows come in a wide range of colors - so this gives you the ability to create unlimited looks - from natural to dramatic.
With so many colors to choose from you can match an eye shade to your skin tone, the beauty of your eyes or maybe even the color of your hair.
Natural eye shadows are crease resistant and will not fade, which means it can carry you from the light of day to the dark of night.
Beautiful You Minerals makeup (Natural Mineral Makeup) uses only pure loose crushed mineral eye shadows.
This means that our minerals are all natural - free of preservatives.
It is also safe enough to be used by those with sensitive eyes and skin.
Our minerals do not contain bismuth (no itch) or parabens, it is SPF 30, hypo-allergenic and no animal testing.
And our colors are long lasting, which mean fewer applications during the day.
With so many colors (approximately 20) to choose from the options for your look can offer you glamorous and sexy eyes.
Our shadows are oh so versatile.
Not only can Beautiful You Minerals be used as a powdered natural mineral eye shadow - for a subtle look, but it can also be used as an eye liner or lip stick - just apply the powders with a damp brush for a more dramatic look.
Now, how about that for versatility! For daytime coverage - using less color, try wearing one or two eye shades, applying a medium shadow to your eyelid and the lighter shadow under your eye brow, from just under the outer brow to the inner corner of the eye.
Using a light color alone over your entire eye lid will minimize your eyes.
This can make the eyes look gaunt or pale looking, but using a darker color to accompany the lighter shadow will maximize the eyes and will most definitely get them noticed.
For a more dramatic look during the evening or night hours try using three shades of shadow.
You can use your daytime coverage as your base, but as a feature add a third darker shade to the crease and outer "V" shape of your eyes.
If you choose to use a mineral eye shadow as an eye liner it is best to use the darkest color of your choice - this will add more drama to the eyes.
There are so many colors and many different ways to wear and apply your natural eye shadow.
The eye shadow colors that you choose should be based on your personal taste and how it matches up with your eyes and skin tone.
It is all up to your preference.
Thank you for taking the time to read my article.
For more information about mineral eye shadow makeup or other natural mineral makeup products please visit my website http://www.
Beautiful You - Naturally!
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