Fat Reduction Ideas

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Fat reduction from the body is easy once the proper diet is followed.
The proper fat reduction diet gives best results when the diet plan is supported by a minimum exercise schedule every day.
Both the exercise and the diet can be started as small changes in daily lifestyle and with continuous motivation the small changes can be inculcated as daily habits.
Thus, an effective weight loss plan can be established.
The diet plan for fat reduction involves burning of excess body fat and maintaining a proper fat balance in the blood stream.
It also involves detoxification of the body from toxic hunger causing agents like alcohol, nicotine, drugs and diet pill residues.
Equal importance is also placed upon the exclusion of obesity causing foods from the diet.
Excess saturated fat deposits, such as cholesterol are the main culprits of obesity.
At the same time proper care should be taken that the body is not getting famished of its essential nutrient supply of vitamins, proteins and minerals.
The burning of excess body fat is possible by fat burner foods like the citrus fruits (lime, grape, lemon).
The ascorbic acids of citrus fruits help the saturated fat in the body cells to be dissolved and removed via blood stream from the body cells.
The apples also serve this purpose by supplying pectin to the body cells.
Pectin acts as fat regulator for body cells, removing excess fat deposits by a water control mechanism in the cells.
Beans are good protein sources to the body and also they are important in curbing body fat.
Lecithin, present in soy beans, acts as an obstacle between body cells and fat deposits.
Garlic oil and olive oil are two other food components that are essential in removing fat.
Tea, especially green tea is also important in fat reduction.
The food items that should be avoided are snacks, fast foods, egg yolk, red meat and similar foods.
This is because, these food items add cholesterol to the body cells.
White flour and bakery products made of white flour should also be avoided.
White refined sugar should be replaced with cane sugar(brown sugar).
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