3 Easy Goal-Setting Steps

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Yes, we have once again reached that time of year when each and every self-development guru encourages you to set your goals and checks weekly to see if you have already done so.
I want to do something different.
I leave the decision to set your goals this year or not, entirely up to you.
Although, you surely do understand that all those wise self-development people might have a reason for urging you, right? So, let's assume that you would consider setting a few goals, if not from sheer belief then at least as an experiment.
In this article I would like to show you how to do it the easy way and have fun in the process.
Here goes: Step 1: Identify your immediate desires.
We are talking about your goals here for the coming year, not a decade (even though that is also possible, of course; but for the purpose of this article, let´s talk about a year).
What is it you would like to have, do, or be in the nearest future? Would you like to change your career? Buy a new car? Find your soul mate? I am pretty sure that you think about your desires quite a lot; so why not put them down in priority order? What is it you want so very much that you are prepared to do something about it right now? Did you name it? Congratulations, your first goal was born.
If you wish, you can add all of your desires to the list.
If you are happy to work solely on the most important one, that is also OK.
Step 2: In order to be able to commit yourself to your goals, it is important to really believe in them.
That should not be too difficult - why would you spend time and energy on something that you don´t believe in? If you still have doubts, here is the good news.
Whatever it is you want to achieve, there is already somebody somewhere who achieved it before you.
There are people out there who changed their careers late in life and there are those who bought the house of their dreams after years of searching and saving.
And of course, there are plenty of those who found their soul mates and ideal jobs.
Cheer up and approach your goals with the attitude of a true achiever.
Step 3: Work out a plan.
I don´t believe in detailed goals, because too much detail means we are limiting the Universe in the way the goals can be achieved.
However, identifying a few directions and a few steps how you are going to start towards your goal is very helpful.
Be creative here; come with as many ways as possible.
Each of them can lead you to a new direction and exploit new opportunities.
Be open and welcome solutions that never before occurred to you.
They might be your key to a successful and satisfactory achievement of your many goals or perhaps only one goal or desire.
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