A Chain Monster From Within

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Ever been stopped by your own imagination? Your imagination is so powerful that it can create a huge monster to hold you from getting the things that you want in life.
This monster is good at confusing you.
Resulting in you losing the ability to differentiate between illusion and reality.
The name of this monster is Chain Monster.
It holds a chain on its right hand, sniffing around for spaces that is manifesting its presence.
The moment it sees an opportunity to be manifested, fed and grow, it will throw his chain around you, leeching for as long as it can.
Are you creating the Chain Monster in your life? Are you being chain down by your own imagination? I was being drag down by my Chain Monster in the past.
And now, once in a while, I create the Chain Monster to hold me back.
Remember when I became a property agent in 2002, I was scared to make phone calls.
Imagining all sorts of stories in my mind.
I imagined that what will the house owner say to me.
What if they scold me, or hang up my call? What if they ask me questions that I don't have an answer? Am I prepared for all kinds of questions? I took 5 - 10 minutes of battling the Chain Monster on each call.
For 6 calls, I wasted 30 - 60 minutes.
What can you do when it happen to you? What are the strategies to come off victorious against the Chain Monster? Act before Imagining For Chain Monster to be present, it goes through the stages of any crop.
Seeding, watering, feeding.
Your first imagination seeds your Chain Monster.
It goes through watering and feeding when you imagine more and more scenarios.
Finally you have our adult Chain Monster, much stronger, much persistent.
The way to win the battle is to act before you imagine scenarios.
The moment you want to do something, get into action to do it before you imagine all the worst things that can happen.
I re-started my exercise routine last month.
Honestly, it was a challenge to start as I have to wake up an hour earlier, and putting strain to my muscles and lungs.
What a painful way to start my day! I practice the act before imagining.
When the alarm rang in the morning, I jumped up of bed, do my bathroom activities, put on my exercise gear and out I go.
I didn't want to allow the imagination to plant seeds of Chain Monster.
I know when I start to analyse, I will be stuck on bed.
When I start with the imagination, the tasks won't be completed.
When I need to call a prospect or client to ask for feedback, I picked up the phone to call right away.
Though I may receive comments that I didn't want to hear, I didn't allow that imagination to manifest into my Chain Monster.
Are there tasks that you need to be completed or activities that you like to take on right now? Go do it right away before you create your Chain Monster.
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