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Whether it is the dance in the end zone of a football game, or a fist pump or "come on" in a tennis match, athletes know how important it is to keep up their energy by focusing on their success.Have you ever noticed that when professional athletes make a point or a goal that they celebrate that goal in the moment? People who play games for a living know how to cheer themselves on.

Most people don't spend much time recognizing themselvess for their successes. What about you. You probably recognize that you have accomplished your goal, to some degree. Perhaps you also do some of these things:

* Criticize yourself for taking too long

* Tell yourself you didn't do it well enough

* Immediately start working on your next goal

This is a problem because the feeling of success is so important for creating happiness. Improved self-esteem and a growing sense of self-worth are positive results from taking the time to pat yourself on the back. You also spend time basking in the feeling of joy that comes from the success.

You may have been taught that it is wrong to "blow your own horn" and have mistakenly believed that to mean that you shouldn't talk about your accomplishments. Some of us worry about others thinking we are boastful.

The more that you value yourself, the more you feel up to meeting the challenges that life provides us. Celebrating your successes reminds you that:

You are capable

You are committed

You care

Celebration says "I did it. I contribute by being me and doing things that matter to me. I am a success!"

When you feel good about your successes and celebrate them, you are experiencing exactly the emotions that can take you to your next success. While you are feeling good and proud and happy is the best time to choose what your next actions should be.

Sadly, many of us choose our actions out of desperation and that often points us down the wrong path right from the get-go. Then we struggle with actions that feel difficult and we begin to feel even worse.

The definition of celebration that I like is "to observe an occasion with appropriate ceremony, festivity, and rejoicing." Of course, celebration means a different thing to each person and how you celebrate is a personal thing.

Whatever ways you choose to celebrate your successes, the most important key is that you feel good while you do it. In fact, the purpose of celebrating successes is to increase your feelings of joy and happiness.

Success creates more success and celebration keeps you focused on what is working, which causes that to expand even more! Having fun focusing on your accopmlishments also opens the door to the next success. What a gift that is.

The actions you take when you feel inspired are rewards in themselves. Keep in mind, though, that we want to celebrate progress, not perfection. There's more to celebrate than actions and outcomes. Your courage, your efforts, and your commitment to keep going are also worth celebrating.

End every day in appreciation and celebration and watch your creativity and success blossom.
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