Facts You Need to Know About Endometriosis

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Endometriosis is a medical condition that affects women.
In this, the endometrial cells emerge and thrive in areas near the uterine cavity.
They are usually found on the ovaries.
The cells are lined on the uterine cavity and are affected by female hormones.
However, the ones that are found outside the cavity are affected by hormonal changes.
The symptoms of the condition become worse when the woman is having her menses.
The condition is rampant in the reproductive years and is common with women who are infertile.
One of the major symptoms of this condition is pelvic pain.
The pain can be severe or mild and occurs in the pelvis, rectal, lower back and sometimes in the legs.
Other than this, some other ailments could be a sign of the condition such as: Dysuria- this is where someone feels the urge to pee all the time can be painful when doing so.
Severe pelvic pain- this comes with abdominal as well as lower back pain.
Dyspareunia- someone experiences pain during sexual intercourse.
Dsymenorrhea- this refers to painful cramps during menstruation; the pain gets worse with time.
Endometriosis occurs in five stages where each stage has its own signs and symptoms.
Seek medical advice to get the proper diagnosis of the disease.
It is unfortunate that there is no cure for the condition.
However, it can be managed so that it does not cause severe complications later in life.
There are prescriptions patients can get to get rid of the pain and to reserve infertility.
Younger women can go through some surgical procedures to remove the cells.
However, this does not guarantee that the condition will not return later in life.
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