How to Get Rid of Acne for a Clear Complexion

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There are hundreds of ways to get rid of your acne, and each method has benefits and drawbacks associated with it.
In this article you will learn some of these acne clearing techniques and discover how to get rid of acne.
Getting Rid of Acne - An Overview There are three general approaches to ridding your acne; conventional, topical and natural.
Conventional Acne Treatments Conventional acne treatments are antibiotics, both oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics, and accutane.
Both work to get rid of acne in different ways.
Antibiotics kill off the bacteria that causes acne, and so reduce acne symptoms.
Accutane reduces oil production, and as acne is caused by excess oil, this helps reduce and even cure the severest forms of acne.
Accutane and antibiotics are proven to work, and this is why doctors prescribe them.
However, they are not without their side effects, and although there is some controversy about the side effects of antibiotics, which are said to be candida by natural health practitioners, the side effects of accutane are acknowledged by the manufacturer of this acne drug.
Side effects include depression, dry skin and eyes, birth defects in pregnant woman (woman who take accutane are not allowed to get pregnant for 3 months afterwards for this reasons) and there has even been some documented cases of suicide due to accutane.
When asking how to get rid of acne, it is important to understand that although conventional acne treatments do work (at least for some people), they do have side effects.
This warrants looking elsewhere for a way to get rid of acne.
Topical Acne Treatments There are many acne companies who produce topical acne products that claim to reduce and even clear acne.
They usually have anti-acne ingredients in them, such as salicylic acid, which are proven to reduce acne by unclogging blocked pores which can lead to acne.
Other acne topicals in the form of acne cleansers can help get rid of acne by having antiseptic properties in them that reduce bacteria.
Whilst topical acne treatments are effective in mild cases of acne, they generally prove to be ineffective against more severe forms of this skin condition.
Natural Acne Treatments Some people prefer to use natural acne treatments to get rid of acne.
These require knowing the foods that cause acne and which natural supplements to take which have anti-acne properties.
Most natural acne treatments set out a diet plan, supplement plan, and advise on other lifestyle factors to either adopt or drop.
Whilst these natural acne programs can be very effective at getting rid of acne, they do require more dedication than most other acne treatments.
It's YOUR choice on How to Get Rid of Acne Health choices are very personal, and whilst some people may be happy swallowing pills like antibiotics to treat their acne, despite possible health consequences in the future, others prefer more natural methods, or simply like using a topical acne product.
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