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A Detailed Guide to the Practice of Aromatherapy

The practice of aromatherapy is one which is widely known now, and for good reason. It is an herbal type of medicine, one which largely incorporates the use of essential oils from plants, trees, and ...

Peripheral Neuropathy Is Helped in 7 Ways

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition of the hands and especially the feet where nerves degrade and produce burning, pain and numbness. This occurrence increases with age, vitamin B deficiency, chronic disease, mineral deficiencies, environmental toxins and certain drugs.

Quackery 101: Who or What Do You Believe?

How much money do you suppose is made by people for products that really don't provide the benefits that are claimed? If you are like me, I have a tendency to get "sucked" in to the claims about the latest and greatest fitness or health product or procedure. How does a person tell the

What Is Causing The High Growth In Autism Diagnosis?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which includes Autism and Asperger syndrome is a brain development disorder that first appears during infancy or childhood, it is characterized by; unresponsiveness to social interaction and communication, gross deficits in ...

Effects of Menopause Medications that You Ought to Know

While you go through menopause, you certainly feel lot of new things happening to you, some tolerable while some very troublesome. There are different menopause medications or treatments that can help you control the symptoms ...

What to take for heartburn?

What to take for heartburn? Here are 10 foods that you should take and stay away from heartburn

Essential Oils: Advantages Galore

Essential oils are extracted from the plants' essential parts. These oils have amazing benefits which can well take care of several diseases. There are variety of oils available which are capable of taking care of mankind in amazing way.

The Truth About Propolis Benefits

The problem about propolis is information. The amount of reliable information on the subject is so scarce it is so hard to judge whether the substance is worth your money or not.

How to Find a Good Acupuncturist in Queens, New York

If you need acupuncture treatment for pain relief or pain prevention, it is crucial that you approach qualified acupuncturists. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) warns that an inexpert administration of acupuncture can result in serious side effects.<

Risk of Strokes Due To Chiropractic Care for Migraine

Chiropractic has been proven good in the treatment of migraine headaches, and this has been proven true for past over 100 years. Although recently, a few reports by biased so-called medical experts indicate that chiropractic ...

Amazing Benefits of Arnica Oil

Have you heard about this amazing oil? Did you know that there are lots of benefits which you can get from this kind of oil? Read this article and find the benefits that you could get from using arnica oil.

Summary: World’s Largest Intention Healing Project

Adam DreamHealer's Global Intention Heals Project proved that sending healing intentions changes the physiology of someone at a distance. Over 10,000 participants sent healing intentions at a time unk