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Menopausal and after Pregnancy Weight Gain

With pregnancy comes hormonal change and with hormonal change of any kind, comes excess weight gain. It's very common to see a new mom strolling around with new baby and lots of parts "jiggling" as ...

You Have Been Programmed to be Overweight

Your internal dialog, emotions and beliefs make you who you are. Your thoughts create chemical responses at the cellular level. These responses play a large roll in determining your weight. Learn how to program yourself for weight loss success.

Successful Weight Loss Now - What Are You Prepared to Do to Lose Weight Today?

Lets assume that you already accept that you have to exercise in order to lose weight in a safe sustainable manner. Of course you could lose weight in the next 2 days if you stop eating but that wouldn't last past your next ravenous catch meal with fries on the side. So What is your best way to

Weight Loss - Discover 3 Techniques to Break Your Food Cravings Habit

Food cravings are probably one of the most common sources of why people find it so difficult to stay committed to their fitness and weight loss goals. They begin with very good intentions and determination to succeed but, at some point the food cravings get the better of them and they revert back to

Obesity & Weight Management is a Social Issue

Obesity is perhaps the biggest drain on any nations economic resources with a mind-boggling costs to which researchers are yet to put a final figure. But the estimates run into trillions of dollars across the world.

Whey Protein Weight Loss

Whey protein weight loss is the most effective way to do a diet program. Since protein is easy to digest, it also best supplements for the vegetarian and to those who want a high quality protein. This protein is made from cow's milk and whey; it can be the most relevant alternative as food and

Fat Reduction Weight Loss - Four Keys to Burning Body Fat

Back in the old days, our ancestors had to store a little bit of fat to help them through the times that food was scarce.Skinny people would starve to death and the people with a little bit of fat had a better chance of survival.The fat storage genes worked so well, our ancestors passed them down to

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks After Pregency

Your body goes through many changes during nine months of pregnancy. One of the more unpleasant changes that you experience is the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks are whitish scars that occur when your skin loses its elasticity, due to the additional, sudden weight gain that comes on duri

Figuring Out Nutritious Food Products For Losing Weight

There are numerous weight loss methods available. A person might decide on weight loss pills, exercise equipment or diet systems. But, the best weight loss method starts with looking at all the food items a person consumes. When individuals choose more healthy food items, removing body fat tends to

Fat Reduction Ideas

Fat reduction from the body is easy once the proper diet is followed. The proper fat reduction diet gives best results when the diet plan is supported by a minimum exercise schedule every day. Both the exercise and the diet can be started as small changes in daily lifestyle and with continuous motiv

How to Reduce Body Fat in 5 Easy Steps

Let me show you how to reduce body fat in 5 easy to follow steps. Nothing complicated, but very powerful stuff if you actually follow the advice.The problem is that this is so simple that a lot of people discard it as useless.

The 80-20 Fat Loss Rule

What is Turbulence Training? And how does the 80-20 rule apply to your fat loss program? Find out here...

Magic Diet Pill Coming?

Have you heard of the over the counter diet pill Orlistat?A joint FDA advisory committee voted 11-3 to recommend approval of this diet aid.The agency usually follows the recommendations of its ou...

Want To Be Slimmer Try For Weight Loss

Obese people try various things to bring their weight down like exercises, diets and when all these fail, they opt for weight loss pills. Alli Orlistat is one such pill which helps people to lose ...

Lose Weight Tips - The Top 3

These Top 3 lose weight tips are the best three you can use to lose overall body fat. Many people still believe you can spot reduce; however, spot reduction is a myth. It cannot be done so get it out of your mind once and for all. I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but it is the truth. Now, le