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Encourage Your Child to Use Language Effectively

In turn, the child delights in his continuously increasing competence with words and in the power words give him to function in his world. Parents normally enjoy their child's learning so much that they can't resist quoting him to any adult who will listen.

Time To Fire The Babysitter

Parents sometimes put up with too much from a bad babysitter when it is clearly time to get a new one.They don't have to anymore.

ITeddy Set to Be a Hit For the 2nd Christmas Running

Look out world first we had the teddy bear, then beanie babies, more recently Webkinz and now we have iTeddy! What will they think of next was all I could think when I read about the latest preschool toy.

A Spring Cleaning Pact for Working Moms

Spring cleaning can mean overwhelm for Working Moms so team up with each other to create a Spring Cleaning Pact! Here is the game plan and rules.

How to Keep Kids Physically Active in Winter

During winter when the days are short and kids are getting bored, it helps to direct their energy into play. Why not send them outside for some fun and games? Or if the weather doesn't cooperate, start an indoor roller derby league. None of these ideas cost a dime, just a little imagination. Here a

Weekday Reflection: Siblings

Read: "Having a sibling with a disability can also bring many positives to the child without a disability, including appreciation of human differences, empathy,

Easy Ways To Teach Kids Business - Retailing

Every routine shopping trip is a rich field of educational opportunity! Your kids will already be familiar with the concept of a retail store. It's easy to expand their awareness with a few well-timed comments and questions, and have them start to appreciate the business model underlying retail

How Organic Cloth Diapers Are Unique

Using organic cloth diapers are different that using conventional diapers.Organic cloth diapers are good to use on babies because they absorb more liquid than conventional diapers.In addition to that, these cloth diapers can be found in different designs.You can also clean and dry them on your own w

The Link Between Creativity and Stronger Skill Sets in School

Popular perception dictates that creativity usually fares poorly in school. This belief is not without basis-the mainstream school system is not conducive to impulsive expression. The mainstream school system emphasizes conformity and unquestioning compliance with authority. Students are expected to

After-School Care for Teens; It's 3:30, Do You Know Where Your Teen Is?

Do teenagers need after-school care? You bet! Between 3pm and 6pm on weekdays is when most high-risk behavior occurs. Middle-school age kids, in particular, need adult supervision, and they can benefit from opportunities for safe time with friends,homework help, contact with positive adult role mode

What is a Travel System?

Baby travel systems are a great choice for new parents. Learn about what a travel system is and how you might use it for baby.

The Best Child Safety Products

Keeping a child safe is of utmost importance to any parent. However, doing so in a world equipped for adults makes child safety a precarious undertaking, to say the least. Although most parents decide to overhaul their homes upon the arrival of a first child, the variety of child safety products on

The Process Of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the best options for many childless couples who would like to have children of their own. This process is slowly gaining popularity because of its high rate of success.

Does Parental Control Software Work? Why?

Why should anyone's child be deprived of all the incredible benefits the Internet has to offer? Simply because there is an unfortunate increasing number of very horrible individuals whose only purpose is to be a menacing cyber threat to your children and family? The answer we must never forget

Learn to Control Excessive Tantrums of Your Kids

One of the things parents don't really like to deal when it comes to their children is a tantrum. It stresses out not only the parents but also the kids. But as a parent, how do you exactly manage effectively anger in children?

New Clothes Can Endanger the Health of Children

Many parents like to buy new clothes for their children, as they want to make these kids lovely and beautiful. For example, mothers usually buy modern clothes like mini skirt and wind coat for their ...