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Positive Self Talk - Are You Wearing the Right Labels?

Before you get too excited and rush out to the nearest boutique to update your wardrobe, I am not referring to fashion labels, sorry ladies. I am talking about personal labels. The way we see ourselves influences the way we act and relate to other people.

Manifestation is what we do naturally

Manifestation is what we do naturally and it shows up in all facets of our lives if we realize it or not. When you are inspired or not inspired, you created it. If you could ...

How Influential Are You As a Leader?

Are you in a position to influence others - at work, at home, in your community? Is having influence important to your position or cause (as a manager, parent, or someone with a vision who's trying to create something better)? Do the ways in which you exert your influence tend to work well?

Hype - Not Enough, Too Much, Or Just Right?

Although most of those in leadership will refuse to admit it, one of the realities of leading is that hype will be utilized in some form or manner. While some might consider hype as being an improper activity, it depends on the underlying motivation, as well as the degree and magnitude of the activi

How To Control Anger Using Bare Awareness

How do you train your mind and make it non-judgmental, how do you develop bare awareness? Let's use the analogy of the warrior. Before she/he is given the task of guarding the perimeter of their territory he/she must be trained. There are two levels of training, formal and informal. The formal

Finding Calm

A meditation on creating your own reality at work, starting with the morning commute

Dealing With Change

Strategies for dealing with change, feelings of loss and fear after the armed forces

The Rigors of My Life

Much of one's life can be summed up in the formative years from one to six. Much of my life came to realization between the years of twenty and sixty. It is a shame to have to not grow up until later in life.

The Power of Appreciation

You hate your supervisor. There-you finally said it. You've been pussyfooting around it (and her) for long enough now. That's it, you've had it! Let the truth be told you hate your boss.

The Art of Saying No

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed, over worked and under appreciated? Perhaps its time to learn to say no.

Superliving An Explanation

Actually, cosmic light has manifested as has been in the past; in the form of superliving and its core viz. namasmaran; to be an integral part of life in general; and of the formal and informal education in particular; all over the world. This phenomenon is bound to expedite the process of individua

If You Can't Break a Habit, Change It

There are so may things that you do automatically without thinking about whether or not you still need to be doing them. A habit becomes part of who you are as a person.

Gratitude: Is Gratitude Dangerous?

When one does something for another and they are grateful, it is going to create a better impression than if they were ungrateful. This response if likely to endear them to the giver and it could mean that the other person is only too happy to offer their hand in the future.