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How to Succeed in Failure

When I was younger, I started a graphic design business. I knew very little about starting up a business and even less about how to effectively market it. One thing led to another and it ...

Is Personal Development Essential in Order For You to Earn Money Online?

Personal development entails improving your personality, especially as perceived by others.Personal Development means developing your skills and talents in order to improve your potential to be hired in exchange for money.Personal development enhances your quality of life and assists you to realize

Tips on Finding Special Sized Shoes

Whether you have wide or narrow feet, you know that finding special sized shoes is difficult. The most difficult type of special shoe to find is one for a wide or large foot. Having large feet does no

The Line in the Sand!

A road map to better Life within and out, What we create within ourselves that then plays out in the reality outside in the "real World" How do we take responsibility for that? Or do we even try?

Helping You Perform Better With Hypnotherapy For Motivation

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”-Karen RavnWe all dream of performing better, we all dream of reaching the stars; yet when we get up everyday, do we feel like we could reach the moon

Does Persistence Really Pay?

Have you ever heard the expression before that persistence pays. Well it does, and very big ways. If we take a look at the man who invented the light bulb, Thomas Edison, you will see that this statement is true. The story goes that he found close to 1000 ways not to invent a light bulb, but he neve

Top Of The Class

Top of the Class - Applying what we learned from Superbowl XLI to every day life

Success - A Key Component of Creative Living

Success is not easy, if it was more people will be successful. Every body dreams of achieving their goals but at the end of the day,not everybody gets to be as successful as they initially imagined they would be. This is because they are not prepared to pay the price for success. Are you prepared to

Insanity and My Business

Let me start by clarifying. I don't mean Insanity like crazy, I'm referring to the completely exhausting, and at the same time unbelievably gratifying 60 day video workout serious by fitness guru, Shaun T. I ...

How to Use Hypnosis to Increase Your Business Sales

One of the very first presentations I did after becoming a hypnotherapist was to a group of salespeople. I found them to be quite an enjoyable audience, and more receptive to hypnosis than I'd imagined. They asked several relevant questions when I finished, and three of them actually became my

Attack of Ego or Dark Spirit of Attack?

TUSSLES ETERNAL are waged as we speak - they wrestle for us. We are pawns in a game for the enemy and deliverance stands at the mere presence of God's angels who are eternally camped in and among us, as individuals and as a body of Christ.

Team Leadership - This is It!

I have always been fascinated by examples of teamwork and leadership from which we can all learn. As such, during a (reluctant, at first) viewing of Michael Jackson's This Is It movie I was rather intrigued by the way he went about working on what was intended to be his last concert tour.

Will NLP Hypnosis by the Hearth Pit Solve My OCD?

It was that I'd only need to line my shoes up perfectly prior to watching a movie. I don't recognize where this habit came from, however it's annoying. The problem is that I

The Power to Do

May I submit that happiness and success in life are built by taking things in our lives that we know are beneficial and making them easy to do. Sure, they may not be easy at first, but as the quote says, with persistence, they become easy.

Ways of Listening

Listening can be hard work. In fact it might just wear you out. Your degree of listening varies throughout a conversation. Sometimes a pretend listening mode advances and your advice, once the speaker has worn out his/her voice, actually does want to know what you think and feel. The same is true wi

Change Your Beliefs - Change Your Health

To many people in the Western world Metaphysical Healing is akin to voodoo, quackery, complete fantasy or lunacy. In China, Japan, India and other Eastern countries Metaphysical Healing has been the primary medical practice for thousands of years.

Did You Come to Live?

To answer the question, did you come to live? You must first get clarity on what living means to you. We all have an idea of what our ideal life would look like. In most cases we can call up the stock images of what great marketers say is truly living, but is that your ideal life?