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5 Simple Tricks to Beating Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a tricky beast. It can creep up without you even being aware and then before you know you it, you are knee-deep in anxiety and frustration and have no idea how to get out of it. For me overwhelm shows up as the frenzied feeling that everything needs to be done now. If I let it take hold

Where Did All the Glamorous Women Go?

Not since the days of Audrey Hepburn has Hollywood radiated like it used to from the aura of glamorous women. The world is filled with beautiful women today, but rarely anymore do you walk into a jewelry store and find yourself drawn to the glamour of the creature trying on diamonds. A pretty woman

Ambition Instigates Success

Ambition is a burning desire to achieve something. Whether it is to lose weight, gain financial freedom, earn a job promotion, or get a better education. You can have ambitions not only for yourself but for the people you love, for your children, your family. Your ambition for them drives you to ass

How to Make Memorable Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches when done well can be the highlight of the party, but they are very often dreaded by those who have to give them. The main reason for this is that we are just ...

Does Our Willingness to Conform Stifle Our Success?

When we come into this world we are clean slates, with very little written on them. As we grow, we mirror those around us. This is a learning mechanism that is hardwired into humans. When we observe someone doing a task, our brain fires off neurons. These neurons fire off in the same sequences as th

Refilling The Hole of Loss

The truth of celebration is there often is a bittersweet element to it. Someone may be missing this year in the celebration. There is not a reader today that has not experienced some loss which has affected subsequent celebrations. The choice how to celebrate is what becomes relevant.

Quantum Bhuddhism

There is only one Divine Wisdom. Buddha knew it and now Spiritual Quantum Physics knows it. Same truth, different language.

Perspective - Make it a Good One

Recently someone who was very depressed her whole life - with suicidal thoughts for many years - shared with me the story of how becoming very sick changed her perspective. It was ironic, she said, how she had wanted to end her life so many times, and when actually faced with the prospect of her own

How To Create A Better Life - Part 4

Learning how to create a better life is much easier if you know the secrets. Discover 6 secrets to create a better life in this 6 part article series.

5 Tips Guaranteed to Boost Your Mood

It's that time of year again - Winter! A time when gloom descends on many people like an awful shroud that can sometimes hang around right through until Spring. So I thought it might be a good idea to give you some tips on how you can boost your mood and banish the gloom this Winter! And the re

What Stress Does to the Speaking Voice

If you are plagued by a great deal of stress on a daily basis, do you know what it is doing to your speaking voice? You are probably aware that it is affecting your sleep, your diet, your mental healt

The Essence of Anti Aging Cream

You might be wondering why anti aging cream is really a huge hit especially among people who are vain. Well it's of course because of the promise of this moisturiser skin care products that are ...