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Whole Brain Exercises - Activities to Boost Your Whole Brain Thinking

Whether it's called brain training or cranial callisthenics, you'll have noticed the new interest in exercising the brain. With Alzheimer's disease rising as the population ages, brain games and problem-solving are gaining popularity. Brain exercise isn't just for elderly people.

Use NLP To Change

Discover what Neuro Linguistic Programming is. How N.L.P. can and will enhance you life with a few simple techniques.

Get All The Money You Want Through Law Of Attraction

Nobody said that it would be easy to earn money. You work double-shifts, daily overtimes, work on weekends, and even get a second job, so that one could pay the bills and the mortgage. It is but sad that people nowadays need to be overworked for them to be able to get by. How harder can it be to sav

Wish List - 6 Gifts to Give Yourself

Is there something you need that no one person can give you other than yourself? Did you ever want something and not realize you had it all along? Do something special for yourself this year.

Friendly Fire in Christian Living

Of all the places to have conflicts, the church should not be a dwelling place for such actions. In the New Testament we are told to edify each other, which is supposedly a part of the church culture. Edifying each other would strengthen the church, but how will we strengthen the church if we avoid

Conversational Hypnosis - The Mind, Techniques and Control

Conversational hypnosis is a term used by Ericksonian hypnotherapists to create a trance using embedded words in the verbal text. It is the ability to use conversation for the purposes of hypnosis and the manipulation of someone else's thoughts.It is different from conventional hypnosis.

Porn Addiction - 5 Things You Need to Know

Porn addiction is a very real problem, impacting the daily lives of people from every walk of life. And it's a very personal issue, clouded by feelings of guilt and stigma. We shine a light on the problem with 5 simple facts, and explain how anyone can help themselves to break out of porn addic

How to Visualize Your Way to Success

Trying to overcome bad habits but just can't find the willpower to do so? Visualization can help you to change your behaviors before temptation strikes. Learn how you can visualize your way to success.

Have You Ever Encountered an Energy Vampire?

Has being around a particular person ever left you feeling drained or exhausted? If you answered yes to this question then you have probably been in the presence of an energy vampire.

Winning a Triathlon - Motivation For Success

Ever wonder why some people seem to stop at nothing short of being successful while others seem content to living the average life? The distinction between these two seemingly radical extremes might not be as great as you once thought.

Imagination Not Intellect Will Make You Famous by Morning

Thinking, it's something we do everyday with every conscious action and decision we make.Whether it be what to wear, what to buy or where to go for the day, our intellect is obviously a very important aspect of our mind.So what's the catch?

Boost Your Self-Esteem With Successful Cognitive Therapy

How we think about situations and events in our lives deeply affects our emotional response to them. This article offers ways in which we can adjust the way we think in to have positively effect our emotions.

5 Ways to De-Clutter Your Kitchen Countertops in 15 Minutes or Less!

If your house is anything like ours, the kitchen is the family gathering place in the home. It is the conference room, eatery, comfort space, and homework central all rolled into one room. Although this is a good thing for familial relationships, it can often become a problem area for clutter and me

Depression and The Law Of Attraction

Depression can be quite painful for those who experience it. Emotions can range from just feeling down in the dumps to wanting to die. It is difficult to live this way and for many when ...

Law Of Attraction And The Holocaust

This topic is used by people who don't believe in Law of Attraction to try to prove their case. They say "if Law of Attraction is real, did 6,000,000 Jews attract their own death in ...