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BV Help

Do you have foul smelling vaginal discharge and pain itching and discomfort? If so, you have bacterial vaginosis also known as BV. Bv is a vaginal infection due to an unbalance of bacteria in the vagina. Don't worry you're not alone, many women suffer from BV and prefer to seek treatment n

Tummy Tuck - Facts About Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is a major cosmetic procedure that provides great results, but the process can be difficult. Here are the main steps you will take if you choose to undergo this cosmetic procedure.

The Correct Eye Make Up Color

It can be a hassle and deciding what to buy an the right time to wear it given the enormous of amount of eye makeup available on the market now. Still with a little planning, and some useful tips on how different colored eyes shadows effects your looks,you will be for sure the color you pick will be

Androgen Use For Infertility

The use of testosterone treatment in women is based on observations in women and on experimental animal studies.Both men and women produce testosterone.

Understanding Your Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery involves many variables, and our role as a shopper is complex because although we get quotes for the same procedure by different surgeons, we aren't necessarily buying the same thing. If we're buying a certain model car, we can wisely decide to shop dealerships - price is

Have fiber foods and be slim

Gaining some extra pounds is very easy, but we have to take lot of efforts to shed those pounds. Weight gain is not just an addition of body mass; rather it occurs because of so many changes in our bo

Menopause Treatment - 7 Essential Steps

When age brings you to this point, you do not have the choice to look away and wish it wasn't happening. It is time to put to work your good experience as a woman on how to deal with hormonal imbalances. There are seven steps that will give you as natural a menopause as possible.

Will My Facelift Hurt?

To those considering elective plastic surgery, the fear of pain after surgery is common and understandable. Particularly when it will be on one's face. Fortunately, contrary to popular perception, facelift surgery is associated with very little pain after. Other than mild ear tenderness, the re

Yeast Infection - Causes and Treatments

A yeast infection is the result of overgrowth of the naturally occurring yeast fungus called candida albicans, within the body. When overgrowth occurs the infection manifests in certain particular areas of the body such as the vagina in women. Left untreated the condition can turn out to be severe.

How to Get Rid of Ovarian Cysts Naturally

Thousands of women world over are looking for information on how to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally. This problem normally affects women who are of reproductive age. Normally these cysts are not life threatening. However if not treated properly sometimes this problem can lead to other life threat

The Beauty of Organic Beauty Products

It is every person's desire to look and feel as beautiful as possible. To help us fulfill this desire cosmetic companies have flooded the market with beauty products of all shapes, sizes, fragrance and type. The print media is filled with advertisements for beauty products that will not only ma

Perfume Bottles - Designs And Shapes Seduction

Why do elegant perfume bottles captivate and seduce us so much? While many wonderful fragrances come in interesting and beautiful fragrance bottles, you don't have to leave your perfumes in the perfume bottles they came in. For some the scents that the bottles contain are the real prize but the