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From Self-Sabotage to Success

Often we stand in our own way of achieving and receiving what we most want. This happens when we believe that what we most want is only available in a bundled up fashion with something we don't want at all. So we take one step in the direction of our dream and then we get scared because we feel

The Obesity Epidemic: Part 3

The American Heart Association reports that for every 8 pounds a person gains, the risk for heart disease increases by 50%. Heart disease starts much earlier than we once thought. Studies have found early signs of heart disease in children as young as 8 years old. A study in the Archives of Internal

How To Dance For Weight Loss

Who says that losing weight can't be fun? Dancing isn't just something you do when you're drunk on a Saturday night, it can be a very effective and energetic cardio workout that really burns body fat fast. Lets take a look at how you can dance your way to weight loss success.

Menopausal and after Pregnancy Weight Gain

With pregnancy comes hormonal change and with hormonal change of any kind, comes excess weight gain. It's very common to see a new mom strolling around with new baby and lots of parts "jiggling" as ...

You Have Been Programmed to be Overweight

Your internal dialog, emotions and beliefs make you who you are. Your thoughts create chemical responses at the cellular level. These responses play a large roll in determining your weight. Learn how to program yourself for weight loss success.

How Influential Are You As a Leader?

Are you in a position to influence others - at work, at home, in your community? Is having influence important to your position or cause (as a manager, parent, or someone with a vision who's trying to create something better)? Do the ways in which you exert your influence tend to work well?

Hype - Not Enough, Too Much, Or Just Right?

Although most of those in leadership will refuse to admit it, one of the realities of leading is that hype will be utilized in some form or manner. While some might consider hype as being an improper activity, it depends on the underlying motivation, as well as the degree and magnitude of the activi

Obesity & Weight Management is a Social Issue

Obesity is perhaps the biggest drain on any nations economic resources with a mind-boggling costs to which researchers are yet to put a final figure. But the estimates run into trillions of dollars across the world.