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The Action Reaction

We know that we must take action, to accomplish a goal. These are the actions we should take, for our own fulfillment, our prosperity, our happiness. Can we become more action oriented, mare habitual in our actions?

Stress Management - Working With Jerks is a Pain in the Neck

Quite a few of us go to stressful work environments every day. If it weren't for stress in city offices and rural factories, some of us wouldn't know what to do to stay awake. The key to dealing with too much health depleting stress is to practice stress management. You can minimize the ne

Who Defines You?

So... Who defines you? Do you allow society or fear the gift of creating who you are? You are always in the driver's seat of your life. I will rephrase the question - what one word most defines who you are? What is your answer? Are you happy with that? If you are happy with that, congratulation

What Are Values, Personal Values, Family Values, Core Values?

Values are the things that motivate us to act in our own lives and those of others.But the word values is overused and has become a buzzword... with only vague meaning.But when you define values... according to Aristotle's ancient rule... still used today in the sciences... you can see clearly

Your Confidence Foundation

Others will certainly believe in you, motivate you, and inspire you. However, you can't wait for or depend on external confidence injections. True confidence comes from within. You have to believe in you. This belief in you is fortified with the right combination of self-esteem, personal accoun

Distance Reiki Healing Using Brainwave Entrainment

Distance reiki healing is a form of treatment that uses psychokinesis (PK), movement from the mind, or telekinesis (TK), distant movement under the direct influence of the mind, on an object from a distance. Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven therapy that can deliberately change your b

Reduce Stress With A Simple Mindfulness Technique

Why is mindful thinking so important to our stress reduction and well-being? A crucial part of mindfulness is letting go of anxious thoughts that relate to either the past or future and, as a consequence, direct our mood toward negativity. By opening our heart and focusing in the present moment, we

How Not to Relapse

Alcoholism and drugs are tough illnesses to over come even if you have been through all of the detoxes and the 12 steps. Many do not realize that no matter how hard they try and really want to succeed at quitting that at some point they will be tempted too much.

The Art of Making Things Happen

There are three major excuses people tend to throw out for not engaging in those activities that make them happy. We've all been there, but have we all gotten out of there so we could move on?