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A Chain Monster From Within

Ever been stopped by your own imagination? Your imagination is so powerful that it can create a huge monster to hold you from getting the things that you want in life.

A Brief Theology of Sports

Is there any real relationship between sports and the spiritual life? What should a Christian think about sports? This article presents a brief and broad theology of sports.

Who Owns the Fence? Syncretism Anyone?

There are so many forms of Baal worship alive and well in our society - everything stripped of love, for instance, smacks of foreign god worship. Let's explore something Elijah brought to us...

Life Coach - Align and Redirect

By releasing your need to be in control of the uncontrollable, you move into a state of flow. You start to experience grace, luck, and miracles.Nothing biblical though it could seem like that....

Hypnosis Inductions - How To Perform Hypnosis Inductions?

Just about everyone wants to influence another person to take a certain direction in life, accept a specific principle, or make a particular purchase.Hypnosis induction tends to make use of various types of stimulation that will create an environment where a person begins to see a particular path as

The True Cause Of Stress In The Workplace

Many people suffering from stress at work and the problem is increasing as the demands placed on many modern businesses grow. The starting point in attempting to deal with stress in the workplace is a sound understanding of just what really causes it.

Cultural Disowning of Introversion

First of all let's define the terms introversion and extroversion. Introversion is the act of directing one's attention inward or to things within the self, like thoughts and feelings, rather than the external environment. Extroversion is the opposite.

How to Rediscover What Makes YOU Flow

In order to truly live the life we are destined to live in our second half, we need to rediscover what makes us flow. As you know, our second half is not a time to sit back and watch the world go by.

Don"t Let Life Just Pass - Enjoy It!

The next time you're in a supermarket, or on a subway or in a large group, take a look around. How many of the people around you look like they're really enjoying life. How many look enthusiastic and full of joy?

Overcome Internet Addiction Through Hypnotherapy

With the benefits provided by social media, most individuals are finding it difficult to make it through the day without gaining access to the Internet. With every hour that passes, technology is becoming more intelligent ...

How to WIN BIG in 2006

And the secret is actually a lot more refreshing than you might think.

How Can I View My Wife"s Deleted Text Messages?

Get inside her mind and you will be able to make her so hot she will ravish every inch your body.Many ladies feel they can not say exactly what they would like in the bedroom. ...

Why Not Live an Uncomfortable Existence?

Live your life to the fullest. Make the most of the opportunities in your life. Be an active participant in your own life. Enjoy what you have while it lasts.

Success in Business is a Conscious Choice

Have you ever notice how some people seem to excel in everything they do? They tend to prosper while others barely get by. It appears as though this select group has the Midas' touch and has the ability to attract success and prosperity.Learn how to develop your own Midas' touch.

Improve Thyself: How To Grow And Expand Yourself

There is an increasing number of people who feel trapped by their own life. Everyday, they feel like cattle, lead to their death. They hate their own life but they don't know how to improve it. Are you one of these people?

Stop Complaining And Make A Change

I am going to write something that may not be popular, but if it offends you in anyway, it probably means that I’m writing this for you. I’m writing this to help you…not to criticize or belittle you. I want every entrepreneur to continue to grow throughout his online career and so

The Action Reaction

We know that we must take action, to accomplish a goal. These are the actions we should take, for our own fulfillment, our prosperity, our happiness. Can we become more action oriented, mare habitual in our actions?

How Taking Breaks Will Keep You Motivated

Keeping an 8-hour day job is not easy, especially if it requires you to report to the office every day. It is inevitable to feel burned out, as this is normal for people who do the same thing every day. Feeling stressed and burned out can significantly decrease your productivity and may be detriment

Anger Disorders - What Are They All About?

Anger disorders are a really problem in the 21st century. As a race of beings capable of reason, humanity is essentially fragile and it is vulnerable to the effects of emotion. For each type of emotion, the person ends up struggling with it since emotion itself can seriously impact his or her abilit

How to Avoid Fight in Bars

This article talks about tips on how to avoid a fight in a bar. This is perfect for men out there who usually gets in a fight easily.

Stress Management - Working With Jerks is a Pain in the Neck

Quite a few of us go to stressful work environments every day. If it weren't for stress in city offices and rural factories, some of us wouldn't know what to do to stay awake. The key to dealing with too much health depleting stress is to practice stress management. You can minimize the ne